Exploring The Amalfi Coast

Me (Sean Byrne) and my good friend Ben Green to were sent to the Amalfi Coast on behalf of Travel Republic to #SeizeTheSun. It was our unfortunate job to enjoy every single minute of sunshine in the south of Italy, if that was at all possible haha!

We also Staged a take-over of Travel Republic’s Instagram account, we documented our entire journey whilst road-tripping all they way from Sorrento through to Positano and the Amalfi Coast, ending in Capri. This is how we got on….

Road Trip-1
Me driving by Ben Green

Our trip to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast was full of spectacular sights, here we shall name a few of our particular favourites.

Capri: The small island of Capri is situated only 25 minutes away via boat from Sorrento and has stunning cliffs, a beautiful turquoise sea, a picturesque harbour and a number of fine restaurants.

Capri Lone Boat
Capri Boat Trip Sq
Ferry To Capri

A must-see is the Grotta Azzurra sea cave. This cavern is entered via an entrance in the cliff side, the light shining through creates an electric blue reflection that illuminates the water, a real awe-inspiring experience.

Grotta Azzurra, Cavern
Grotta Azzurra, Capri
Boats In Blue Cavern
Grotta Azzurra, Capri

Fiordo Di Furore: It is situated in the small town of Furore and is famous for its Fjord, which is a small crack in the gorge that was historically a hide-out spot for bandits. Nowadays it’s a remote beach, which many pass by without even knowing is right there, along the Amalfi Coastal road.

Fiordo Di Furord Bridge Sunflare
Fiordo Di Furore
Fiordo di Furore & Log
Fiordo Di Furore

A walk down the steps beside the road leads you to a small beach overlooked by an impressive archway bridge. The waters that pass underneath the bridge, and into the bay, are some of the clearest waters you’ll ever see, ideal for a spot of peaceful swimming.


Positano: Arguably the gem of the Amalfi Coast, situated south east of Sorrento along the coastal road. This village is set into the mountain and leads down on to an amazing beach. This iconic location is a popular spot for photography, whether night or day.

Postiano Sunset

The village itself comprises of small boutique shops and restaurants all set in quintessential Italian, narrow, cobbled streets.

Other notable places to visit for us were Ravello, Minori, and the Amalfi itself, which are all great spots with fine views and perfect for days out.

Ravello View

Best Sunrise Location:

Marina Del Cantone is a south-facing beach with a small pier and a cliff formation protruding into the sea, making this an amazing location to watch the sunrise over the horizon.

Marine Cantone Cloud
Marina Del Cantone

Best Sunset Locations:

At Positano the sun sets behind the village, so you can watch the day draw to an end as it slowly disappears behind the mountain, illuminating the sky with an amazing orange glow. Then as the light fades, the mountainside comes to life as the lights of Positano village switch on.

Maiori Beach is another south-facing beach which boasts the longest unbroken stretch of beach on the Amalfi Coastline, perfect for a sunset location.

Sunflare Maiori
Maiori Beach

Our Travel Photography Tips:

Atmosphere, mood and lighting, which incorporate architecture, people and landscape can create a real sense of “being” or wanting to be there. Capturing the local stereotypical view or landmark, may well be cliché, but it’s what people relate to when thinking of that location. Try to be creative, work with the light you have and always make sure you photo is composed in the best way possible.

Capri, by Ben Green

Driving Along The Amalfi Coast:

The coastal road is not for the faint-hearted, its windy nature coupled with narrow sections, can become a tight squeeze at times. The volume of traffic, mixed with the locals assertive driving style, can result in some intense encounters. When it comes to car rental, which we believe is the best way to access this region, we would definitely suggest full insurance through your provider. After a few days on the road you do begin to become more familiar with driving here.

Where To Stay:

We stayed at the The Grand Hotel La Pace, and it was really striking upon entrance, walking through the revolving doors you are greeted by a wonderfully grand marble reception area.


The twin room we had was large in size with a small balcony overlooking the rear of the property and swimming pool, its décor is very traditional Italian, which is a nice touch. The beds were comfortable and the bathroom was sizeable with both bath and shower set amongst yet more Italian marble, all essential bathroom amenities were provided.

The hotel’s large restaurant was open for a snack upon arrival. In the evenings, as it is now technically off-season, the ‘A La Carte’ menu has stopped, but was replaced with an ‘all-you-can-eat buffet’, which we found to be very good, offering traditional Italian options as well as cold starters and a number of desserts!

The breakfast offered a very wide variety, catering for all needs, from healthy to hearty. The bacon and eggs, along with the blood-red orange juice, were a hit with us! The bar area became our editing suite of an evening and offered local draught beer, sprits, as well as coffee and tea until 23:00.


The hotel also offers a free shuttle bus to and from Sorrento, which picks you up from outside the front door, and runs through the day at various times.

The staff were welcoming and could not have been more helpful, offering advice on places to visit and providing timetables for local transport. The bar staff were friendly too and happy to chat to us about things from a local perspective – they were first class throughout, so we’d like to say thanks!

The cleaners also deserves a special mention, the hotel was immaculate, and for keeping our room tidy – an achievement, with us two residing in it for five days!

WiFi was available in the public areas such as the bar and reception.


Our Summary:

The Amalfi Coast region was spectacular for its views, and we had the perfect weather to allow us to #SeizeTheSun. It was a pleasant 20-23°C each day, with barely a cloud to be seen and as for the hotel, we would recommend it to anyone visiting.

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I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Travel Republic for making this trip happen.


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