Montreux, Switzerland

A couple of weeks before the 15th July 2015 I was fortunate to be approached by a PR company on behalf of Swiss Air International Airlines to see if I wanted to fly to Montreux, Switzerland for 2 days 1 night to experience Montreux Riviera and the Montreux Jazz Festival.

I have to be honest I had never heard of Montreux or the Jazz Festival. However I had heard of Switzerland as it was on my top 5 places I wanted to visit in the world.

So with a big smile on my face I eagerly agreed to this trip.

As with all of my trips, camera kit and clothing is essential. I checked the weather to see what it would be like and was completely lost for words (which is unusual) by how hot it was going to be.

The weather was going to be in it’s mid to late 30ºc. WOW I guess I better pack some shorts then, as I started to remove my trousers I already packed in my suitcase.

On arriving to Switzerland I couldn’t help but be in awe by it’s magnificent landscape.

I flew to Geneva, where I would meet my beautiful host Martina from Swiss Air International Airlines and 2 others Sabi & Jonathan who were Bloggers & Writers for various magazines and who were joining me for this trip.

From the airport we would then travel first class on a train to Montreux.

This gave us just enough time to introduce ourselves to each other and we knew then we would all get along and enjoy this amazingly brief stay in Montreux.

The Fairmont Le Montreux

A short walk down the hill from Montreux train station was our Hotel, The Fairmount Le Montreux Palace a luxurious 5 Star Hotel and one of the biggest in the Swiss Riviera. It’s also situated right next to Lake Geneva and right behind the Montreux Jazz Festival which I will be attending that evening.

The main entrance to The Fairmount Le Montreux Palace

A short morning walk by Lake Geneva looking back at The Fairmount Le Montreux Palace

After receiving my room keys I was keen to check out the room, I was expecting good things, I wasn’t disappointed. What a stunning room and an awe-inspiring view!! Definitely a view I could never tire of.

My Room and extremely comfy bed.

My balcony view overlooking The Montreux Jazz Festival, Lake Geneva & the French Mountains.

Once the bags were in the room and I had nosed around as much as I could, it was time for a bite to eat in one of the amazing restaurants inside The Fairmount Le Montreux Palace.
The food was exceptional and the restaurant was decorated with style, elegance but still staying modern.

Claude Nobs

Because of my extreme lack of knowledge about Montreux and the History, it kinda made the trip even more positive as I felt like I was being spoilt by information I knew nothing about.

We took the Cogwheel Train from Montreux which climbed around the mountain and where we stopped to visit the founder of Montreux Jazz Festival Claude Nobs. Unfortunately Mr Nobs died in January 2013 after a tragic skiing accident the month before. His house and surrounding buildings which he owned have now been opened up to the public to view. (Make sure you book an appointment).

It was great to learn so much about the great man and it was blatantly obvious of his immense passion for music.

Cogwheel Train

View from the Cogwheel Train.

Claude Nobs House

The view from Claude Nobs’s House overlooking Montreux & Lake Geneva.

Mr Nobs’s desk where I’m sure he spent many of hours listening to music and creating some special content.

Claude Nobs’s dinning table. I can only imagine the special guests he’s had around this table.

Mr Nobs’s Lounge. Many seats for many people to visit.

Montreux Jazz Festival

After a lovely afternoon at Claude Nobs’s house it was time to head back to the hotel to freshen up then go and experience the Montreux Jazz Festival.

I wouldn’t say I’m a big lover of jazz but I appreciate and respect the type of music a lot.

We were given VIP access to pretty much all areas.

We got to see some amazing people play and I felt honoured to be among so many passionate people for jazz.

Later in the evening I found out that not only was it a jazz festival, they also played other genre’s of music in different parts of the venue and one of them was the awesome English Band Alt-J who are a indie rock band from Manchester. Perfect, as this is my type of music.

Alt-J performing an awesome set.

Their has been criticism of Claude Nob’s calling it the Montreux Jazz Festival, but the people who come from all over the world appreciate that the main acts are predominately Jazz but also the passion for music has rightly spilled out into over genre’s. Their is definitely something for everyone at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Sunrise Lake Geneva, Montreux.

After a great night and little sleep, I couldn’t resist in waking up to go and capture a sunrise.

I would of regretted it if I didn’t, I could always catch up on sleep when I returned home.

Researching Montreux before I left the UK, I knew there was a stunning castle nearby called Castle Chillon and this was my destination for my sunrise shot.

Like with most of my images I walk to my final location as you always find little gems along the way.

Great find walking next to Lake Geneva, this vintage speed boat. Even better when the sky popped with colours of pink, purple & yellow.

Canon 5D MK II | Canon 24-105mm Lens | Manfrotto BeFree Tripod | Remote | Exposure 0.8secs | f/18 | Focal Length 24mm | ISO 100.

Setting up at Castle Chillon, Lake Geneva, Montreux, Switzerland.

Canon 5D MK II | Canon 24-105mm Lens | Manfrotto BeFree Tripod | Remote | Lucroit Filter Holder | Lee Big Stopper | 0.6 Hitech Soft Grad | Exposure 320 secs | f/18 | Focal Length 65mm | ISO 100.

Who fancies running of here with a BIG splash? Lake Geneva looks very inviting.
Canon 5D MK II | Canon 24-105mm Lens | Manfrotto BeFree Tripod | Remote | Exposure 8.3 secs | f/14 | Focal Length 47mm | ISO 100.


After a successful sunrise shoot and a breakfast fit for royalty at The Fairmount Le Montreux Palace we headed off towards the stunning village of Saint-Saphorin.

This village looks like it’s been un-touched for hundreds of years. It was so peaceful and with so much character. Winding cobbled streets, ancient stoned houses with that traditional swiss look. Postcard material for sure.

Just one of many vineyard owners within Switzerland and in Saint-Saphorin.

The stunning cobbled streets of Saint-Saphorin, Switzerland.

If their is one thing you must do when visiting the Swiss Riviera and that is to book a wine tasting visit to one of the many vineyards that cover these beautiful hills.

I highly recommend Blais Duboux a very nice gentleman and passionate wine maker who is a 17th generation family member still producing some of the finest wines in the world.

Mr Duboux’s passion came through clearly as he allowed us to sample many of his wines. I personally never knew Switzerland produced wine and after tasting the Blais Duboux range it’s a wine I’m always going to look out for.

Mr Duboux spoke about the history of the family, how he makes the wine and the future of the Duboux legacy.

He did this from the garden of his house overlooking his vineyards rolling down towards Lake Geneva. We were sat underneath a shaded area to keep us from the blazing sun, fed rustic breads, meats and fine wines. For me this encapsulated a european lifestyle and I honestly didn’t want it to end. Probably glad it did though as it could of got very messy with all that smooth easy to drink wine.

Most definitely my favourite moment of my trip (which is difficult) and I highly recommend tasting the white wine “Calamin”. So so good!!!

Not a bad view overlooking Saint-Saphorin, Lake Geneva and the French Mountains.

The only way to taste wine, great company, delicious food, amazing views and the BEST Wine!!

So the time to go had finally arrived, after an epic 2 days I completely fell in love with the Swiss Riviera and Montreux Riviera in particular. I definitely will be visiting again and hopefully longer next time to see so much more.

Book your tickets now with Swiss Air International to visit this magical place, oh and book Business Class if you can as we travelled back business, I now know what all the fuss is about 😉

Finally a HUGE thanks to Swiss Air InternationalMontreux RivieraThe Fairmount Le Montreux PalaceMontreux Jazz Festival & Blais Duboux for making this a unforgettable experience!!

Swiss Air International & Montreux Riviera

Also thank you as always for the support of my sponsors

Your support means a lot!

Until My Next Adventure!!!

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