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If their is one thing that really irritates me about Apple devices (and their isn’t much), it has to be “battery power”. It never seems to last long, especially when I’m out shooting in the middle of nowhere. Mophie and there Powerstation x8 & iPhone 6 Plus Juice Pack has helped me eradicate this common and frustrating issue, YIPPEE!!

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Mophie Powerstation X8 keeping my iPad & iPhone Charged.

Powerstation X8

When I’m out shooting in remote locations their is nothing worse than getting into trouble and no way of contacting anyone because your products have turned off due to insufficient battery power.

The Powerstation x8 is sleek in design as well as being light to carry in your bag. It can charge up to 2 power hungry devices at once. The Powerstation x8 kept my devices from going flat for a considerable amount of time, pretty much all day.

There is also a Mophie app you can download which tells you how much power is left inside your Powerstaion via bluetooth. Or you can press a silver button on the side that will light up to 4 led’s. 4 led’s ignited means full power. It’s a rough guide but the app is more precise.


iPhone 6 Plus Juice Pack

The iPhone 6 Plus Juice Pack is an absolute god send. I edit A LOT on my phone and doing this really drains the battery . With the Juice Pack I can either leave it turned on to give me 100% throughout all my editing or just switch it on when I need it. The Juice Pack gives me up to 60% extra power. The case also protects your phone if dropped. (but I don’t recommend testing that theory).

Okay the iPhone 6 Plus is already a large phone and this does make it even larger. It also makes it considerably heavier. But if you weigh up the options (no pun intended), either have a heavier and larger phone when your out on your adventures or even out shopping with 100% battery power, or a phone that leaves you frustrated because the battery is dying after texting, phoning or using social media constantly like I do.

I would definitely pick the juice pack EVERYTIME!!

The Juice Pack works pretty much the same as the Powerstation. There is a switch on the back, when it’s turned to “red” the battery will not charge your phone. Flick the switch to “green” to begin charging. There is also a button on the back and when held down it will indicate how much battery power there is by a way of up to 4 leds’ the same as the Powerstation.

The Juice Pack is easy to fit, just remove the top of the juice pack and slide your phone inside the larger part of the pack until the charging adaptor is inserted into the iPhone. Place the top section of the pack on top of the phone and slide down until the securing lugs are engaged and flush. Switch the switch on the back to “green” to test the pack charges your phone.

Now I know what many people will say about my iDevices, “change them to Android”, blah, blah, blah. But if I wanted Android, I would of brought Android. I love Apple and everything they design is classy and elegant. Everything I use is Apple, so it helps compatibility with ALL my devices.

I would like to thank Mophie for these amazing charging accessories that will keep my hungry devices fully charged when I’m out exploring. These will definitely be lifesavers. No more looking for the nearest plug socket whenever I’m out and about haha 😉


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