CitizenM Hotel – Tower of London

I was lucky enough to be invited by the gorgeous and super talented Rebecca Botin to an instameet (where people with accounts on Instagram meet-up) at one of the newest Hotels in London, CitizenM Hotel, Tower of London.

The invitation was to stay the night and experience the relaxed atmosphere this hotel brand is famous for. We will be treated with Cocktails and a mouth-watering help yourself buffet.

On arriving at CitizenM Hotel you could see that the hotel was located right above Tower Hill Station. This is a perfect location to easily access the underground to explore all of London. The Hotel is so new there was still a little bit of building work outside the Hotel, but I’m sure within days this will be removed from the exterior.

When I walked inside the hotel to check-in, I must admit I was slightly confused where I checked-in. I looked around for the reception desk very puzzled. One of the helpful staff approached me and took me to the round tables where she showed me how to check-in.

The round tables are designed for quick check-in with little fuss and no waiting time at all. This is the first time I’ve experienced this type of check-in and I must say “its bloody amazing” I was checked-in within seconds.

After checking-in I was shown the elevators to my room on the 6th floor. I couldn’t help but see already that the interior was a huge “WOW FACTOR”. This is already my type of hotel and I couldn’t wait to explore more.

When the elevator opened there was a large rectangle section that was open to so much natural light. I was informed later on that this middle section of the hotel is still not finished. When it is finished, their will be long material drapes moving up & down on what can only be described as a spider-like design. It sounds very cool.

The reason they’re making this centre section so spectacular is to give the rooms that face inwards something unique to look at.

When I opened my room I was wowed by how clean and bright the room was. Granted the rooms are small but they are perfectly formed to get the maximum use out of. Everything was simple, visually. The blind was shut and the best yet was still to come.

I opened the blind with a push of a button and………… OMG WOW!!! What a VIEW!!!

CitizenM Room Daytime
The view from my room, Tower of London  & Tower Bridge behind.

Now here’s a view you don’t see everyday, insert “heart eye’s emoji”

This bed was so, so comfortable and the room temperature was perfect. Nice and cool considering it was a very warm & humid 26ºc outside. The room also came with its own iPad with new apple adpator and USB sockets. The shower was exceptional. Even the AM & PM shower gel had a great smell to them with one making you feel relaxed and the other waking you up refreshed. These rooms start from an unbelievable £109+. Considering it’s location right in the city and the luxury modern feel, I’m blown away from the price of one of these rooms.

I had no time to waste looking at this amazing view. I needed to be downstairs to meet the gang and our hosts from the PR Company for the Hotel. Quick spray of deodorant and aftershave and I’m ready.

The awesome ladies from the PR Company showed us around the whole of the hotel. They were very passionate about this hotel and for good reason. The hotel has it all in my view. Stylish & contemporary design, 24hrs restaurant so it doesn’t matter what time zone your body is still on you can get something to eat anytime.

You can also use their iMacs with free wifi throughout the hotel. Yep you heard me, super fast FREE wifi EVERYWHERE in the hotel also FREE movies to watch inside the comfort of your own room.

iMacs for all guests at the hotel.

The ground floor had such a great modern feel to it from a coffee section to a bar, dinning room, comfy sofas in chill out sections with televisions. Outside the window where the T.V section is situated is a protected roman ruined wall, bringing a contrast of the very old to now the very new. They even have a souvenir kiosk of their own.

It was now time to go upstairs to CloudM, their roof top cocktail bar with a mouth-watering terrace view of London.

Just one of the awesome views from their balcony outside.
A place to chill inside the cocktail lounge with THAT view of the Tower of London.

I think you would agree that this place is stunning with its modern style inside and the contrast of old outside.

We were offered a delicious range of cocktails. The whiskey one with aniseed was my favourite, modelled by the lovely me below haha 😉

The gang for the Instameet. Pic supplied by Rebecca Botin.

Also within this stunning hotel are meeting rooms to rent. With views over looking the Tower of London. I’m sure these rooms will be constantly busy and booked. Make sure you get your booking now. What a great space for a brain storming meeting.

After viewing the hotel and enjoying the mouth-watering cocktails it was time for something to eat from their canteen downstairs.

The food may not look like fine dinning but to be honest, who cares, the proof is in the tasting and as it was me that filled my plate up I just wanted to eat. WOW’ed again. The ribs were so succulent and tender with the sticky sauce, sensational. The african roasted vegetables with a hint of spice was out of this world. I can’t comment on the cakes as I filled myself up with the ribs. But I was assured by some of the others that the cakes were incredible, especially the chocolate cake.

Night time view from my room. Goodnight. Zzzzzzz 😉


This blog has been heavily adapted to show you many images of this hotel. I needed you to see everything I did. I’ve stayed in many hotels around the world and I must say this is another one up there with the best. The chilled out atmosphere along with ease and general good feel vibe made it a pleasure to stay here. A night or a weekend away in London would make this Hotel the perfect getaway retreat along with its easy access to the underground. With a view like the one above from your room, where could their be any negativity about this hotel.

I can’t praise this hotel enough. Don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself and book today, you wont regret it.

A HUGE thanks again to Rebecca Botin and Camron PR for making this happen. Not forgetting the amazing team and staff from CitizenM Hotel for making my stay throughly enjoyable and relaxing.

If this hotel isnt available then check out the other 2 hotels they have in London at Bankside & Shoreditch.



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