I’m not going to lie, but, when I was invited on a press trip to Menorca with Traverse, Turismo Menorca & Jet2. Me, like many others, I always get confused between Menorca and Mallorca. Now I’ve been, that won’t happen again. WOW, what a place!!!

The Flight

The trip started off well with a great reception greet with Jet2 at Stanstead Airport. Now you might be thinking this is because I’m an influencer and we may have had special treatment but you’ll be wrong, they had no idea who I was and the customer services was simply exceptional. There was such a friendly greeting from check-in to landing. The aircraft was VERY spacious, the interior was modern with funky mood lighting. They even had Starbucks for your option of coffee on the flight!!

This was my first time flying with Jet2 and after that positive experience, I look forward to flying with them again.

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Me, Chrissy & Scott onboard Jet2 Plane. Taken on Insta 360 Nano camera.

The Hotel

Our hotel for the week was the lovely Port Blue S’Algar situated on the South Coast of Menorca. It had a lovely pool by the sea and they served the best bacon cheesy chips.

My room was spacious, clean and comfortable. However, they could have more plug sockets. There wasn’t any by my bed, so you had to charge your phone on the other side of the room, that was slightly annoying. They also had ONLY decaf coffee in the room. Like my good buddy, Brendan said, “what monster drinks decaf coffee” lol.

The first few days we were there, the hotel’s average age with other guests was around the mid 60’s. You couldn’t help but think they were looking at us all going “oh dear, here we go” but, they were actually all really supportive of why we were there.

Yes, Menorca isn’t Ibiza, but if you want a heavy nightlife then go to Ibiza. Menorca was a place to unwind, chill and visit some amazing locations. My days of partying through the night are well and truly over (maybe) so I totally enjoyed the relaxing vibe you get from this island.


The week whilst we were there we managed to do and see a lot. Here is just some of what we got up to.

Drinking Gin in the capital of Menorca, Mahon. I’m not a fan of Gin, but I gave it a go. However, there was a chocolate liqueur, which I took full advantage of. Well, it was free, haha. It was also 11:30am and I’m sure we all came out leathered LOL!

We got to go on a glass bottom boat ride in Mahon Harbour. Visit a factory where they make the famous Menorcan shoes, walk around the stunning second city of Menorca, Ciutadella and be amazed by their Cathedral. We also got to see the oldest building with a roof Naveta d’es Tudons in Europe and we got to spend a great evening on the Island of Lazareto where we were wined and dined.

As you can see a packed week in Menorca.

My favorite activity had to be the Tandem Kayaking. We set off from the gorgeous location of Cala Galdana where we headed off to some caves along the West coast. It was a very hot day, so there was only one way to cool down, jumping in the Mediterranean Sea. This gave us the perfect opportunity to do some snorkeling. What a cool experience. I would’ve had more footage from that but I broke my GoPro clip. Huge thanks to Phill for taking on most of the rowing, he didn’t know I was just chilling at the back enjoying the scenery, haha.


Another reason for the invitation to Menorca was to attend a 2 day conference where we were treated to various talks about social media, drones, time management, SEO stats, and Menorca’s hope to be a carbon-free island with the ambition to one day have all cars on the island to be electric. Here we are below driving one of the Nissan Electric cars. Filmed by the awesomely talented Brendan van Son. Check out the Nissan car on twitter. You can also read a great blog about this concept by the super talented Alistair McKenzie.

We were hosted by the stunning, redesigned Barcelo Hamilton Hotel in Mahon. Fantastically modernized with exceptional canopies, a Chocolate mousse with passion fruit injections were my ultimate favorite. I’m still dreaming about them lol.


Whilst at the conference there was a competition to win a 360º Camera or a Minature Drone. The rules were to make your own video about Menorca. We had 1 HOUR to film, edit and hand it in for viewing. Clearly, with all us creatives this would be easy. Well, it had its moments. Here is our video we came up with. In our group, named “Sistas before Mistas” was Me (cameraman), Hannah (creative director), Chrissy (actor), Phillip (actor), Mandy (assistant creative director and editor), Mollie (actor), Ceara (extra) & Jessica (extra). Oh and we didn’t win!!! 😦 Shocking I know ha.


Another place we visited was Binifadet, a local Menorcan vineyard where we tasted some delicious wine and tapas. I say “some” because they weren’t very forthcoming with topping us up. Thankfully there was a spectacular sunset to take away the disappointment.

In Summary

I didn’t really have any expectations of Menorca, but I have come away totally amazed by this small but stunning island. Everything from the outstanding beaches with crystal blue waters, amazing architecture, delicious food and drink, and not forgetting the history this place has in abundance. I have completely fallen for Menorca, I honestly can’t wait to visit again. Sooner, rather than later. Hopefully with my family next time.

Check out my brief video I made of my visit to Menorca. I hope this inspires you to visit this Spanish Island. 

Lastly, I would like to thank again Traverse for the invitation, Turismo Menorca for hosting us and Jet2 for the best flight. The week was very special and I’ve made some great new friends which I look forward to bumping into again soon.

Until we meet again!Menorca Sponsors

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