The Sheraton Roma Hotel

Ello beautiful people. This year was mine and my wife’s 12th year Anniversary. We don’t normally celebrate our anniversary because we kinda do it every day, I know, romantic right? I decided this year to do something a little special, so, I reached out to my friends at the Sheraton Group about possibly staying at one of their Hotels, preferably in Rome.

The Sheraton Roma Hotel was one of the Hotels they offered us. Clearly, we jumped at the chance, 4 days and 3 nights in Rome was an opportunity we couldn’t say no too.

When we arrived at the Hotel it had that typical brutal 80’s architecture about it. Some may see this as not the most attractive building there is in Rome, but, never judge a book by its cover. The Sheraton Roma was just on the outskirts of Rome, so the noise was minimal compared to if you stayed in the city. However, you soon find out that the Romans do love the sound of their car horns no matter where you are.

Map Airport to Sheaton
Distance from Ciampino Airport to Sheraton Roma Hotel.


The outside of the Hotel wasn’t that bad to look at. Yes, hotels in the city are more in-keeping with the historical look you would expect from Rome, but the look of this 80’s architecture did grow on us. The pool looked like a good size, even though it was on the slightly chilly side for a dip. Click here for more Hotel activities.


The inside was completely different to how the outside looked. It was more modern and quite quirky in a way. Especially downstairs in the lobby, bar and dining area.

We were greeted with a friendly smile and information about hotel shuttles, metro and bus routes to the centre of Rome. We didn’t use these in the end, because of the short period we were in Rome for. I wanted to take full advantage of this brief period. This is where most of our budget went on, taxis. If you have a strict budget then I suggest using the Shuttle or Metro which is only a 500-metre walk from the Hotel.

A taxi from the Hotel into the city costs about €20 – €25. To get to the Vatican City you’ll be looking at about €25 – €35. Taxi from the Airport or to the Airport is €50.

We were given two card keys to the 5th floor via the elevators. There are 6 Floors in total and the Hotel does benefit from a rooftop lounge. But, more about that later.

The room was adequately sized for me and the wife. We had a lovely view from the window overlooking the pool. It may be slightly cold for the Italians this time of year (November) but, for some, the sun was out and so were the bikinis and a chance for some colour on the skin.

The room was slightly on the warm side for me and I did find the aircon struggling to cool me down. For the wife, she loved the temperature. We both found the bed super comfortable. So much so, when the wife awoke, she woke up very stiff because she hardly moved all night due to being so comfortable lol.

The Food

I LOVE my food and wine, and I’m in Italy, so surely this is a no-brainer. Yep, a no-brainer indeed. The food was exceptional, plus, we’re in Italy, so, even the house wine is going to be good, and it sure was. I have nothing but praise for the food at The Sheraton Roma. Just the food and wine alone will keep me coming back again and again.

The breakfast has a large selection, from healthy to sausage and bacon. My personal favourite would have to be the bacon. Crispy and so tasty. It certainly made me look forward to breakfast every day. Also, you cant go wrong with the coffee here. I love my coffee, especially strong coffee, they had plenty of that. The wife likes her cup of tea’s, and they did have English Breakfast Tea, this kept her smiling.

The evening menu in the AQVI Restaurant also looked good. The pasta had to be our choice, it would be rude not to. Another wise decision by us. The pasta was delicious. I strongly recommend the Carbonara with Mezze Maniche pasta, organic bacon from Amatrice, PDO Roman pecorino, organic eggs, black pepper. This dish made our taste buds come alive!!

Regarding the wine. We chose a house red (Chianti). I could drink this all night, it was bloody beautiful wine. Complemented everything we ate. The AQVI Restaurant Menu can be found here.

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset
By far my favourite wine. Also, I love Pellegrino sparkling water. This place was meant for me.

On our final night, I arranged to have a surprise Anniversary dinner for my wife. The hotel was only too happy to help out in any way they could. To be fair, I left it in their capable hands to do anything they could. The wife was completely unaware when we sat down on a reserved table with a champagne bucket at the end.

The host Giorgio went above and beyond to make sure we had a special evening. They once again filled our glasses up with the delicious Chianti and informed us that we will be eating from our own separate menu. It was now I informed my wife that this is our anniversary meal. Let the feast begin!

We had a themed starter, The Sea & The Land, Spaghetti, then Lamb followed by a delicious dessert (Read the images to see what they were). To finish this sensational and very tasty meal off, they surprised us both with an amazing anniversary cake and champagne. This has to be one of the lightest and tastiest cakes I’ve ever had. The wife was so taken back by the whole evening, she even had a little cry. So many brownie points for me here haha 😉

We ended the night at the Rooftop Lounge Bar on the 6th floor (Sheraton Club The Aperitivo). I highly recommend you look into gaining access to this place. It a great location to finish your night or early evening with free drinks (soft drinks, coffee or something a little stronger). I can imagine in the summer it would be lovely to sit outside here to cool down after a hot day. I would show images of this place, but, I never took any because me and the wife were by this stage well and truly merry after our exquisite anniversary meal. Check out this link to find out more.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
This cake was so light and very tasty.


Overall, we were so happy with our stay here at The Sheraton Roma Hotel. The food was some of the best I’ve ever had, the wine was also up there with some of the best. The staff went above and beyond to make our stay a truly magical one. I would love to give a special mention to Giorgio and the head chef for making a remarkable anniversary dinner. Me and my wife would like to thank everyone at the Sheraton that made this anniversary a really special one. Cheers to you all, we look forward to hopefully revisiting again in the near future.

Read my next blog coming soon about Rome.

Until we meet again Sheraton Roma Hotel.


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