Blazewear Heated Jackets

What would you say if a company offered you one of their jackets? I was fortunate to be asked, “Would you like to try out one of our jackets?” Sure, what’s so special about them? “They’re HEATED!!” Urm, YES PLEASE!!! 🙂 Welcome to BLAZEWEAR, a premium outdoor brand with expertise in heated clothing.

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Men’s Explorer Jacket

I must admit, I’m surprised this isn’t the norm for winter jackets. I could’ve done with one of these years ago. All those early mornings dressed as the michelin man and not able to move just to stay warm taking pics. I would have loved to have had one of these keeping me warm, not to mention nimble without the 5 layers of clothing I normally wear.

I received 2 jackets, The Explorer and The Traveller. They were both very nice looking jackets, but, if I had to choose one, then it would be The Traveller. Very stylish and fashionable. However, BOTH jackets are so well made, you can tell as soon as you open the box.

Me in The Traveller Blazewear Heated Jacket.

The jacket is heated via a battery pack that fits in a zipped pocket on the inside of the jacket. You have to purchase these separately and you can buy 2 for longer usage. The battery pack also charges up your mobile phone with the integrated USB connecting port. This is always a massive plus for me.

Blazewear Battery Pack Sq_
Battery Pack & Integrated USB Cable.

I wasn’t too sure how warm this was going to be once the battery was turned on. I was also concerned how heavy the battery may be and how it will affect one side of the jacket. The jacket heated up in seconds. I was happily surprised at how hot it got and how quickly. The battery pack does have some weight, but, with my phone in the opposite pocket, it caused no uneven sagging.

The battery pack is connected via an integrated USB cable. The jacket has 3 coloured settings using the “on switch” inside the jacket. Press and hold for 2 seconds and the jacket turns on. Red is the hottest setting and tuns on the Tri-Zone Technology to 55Âșc which is the 3 heated panels placed on the jacket to give your core body maximum heat. 2 panels over your chest and one panel on your back. (Note; the battery only lasts 4 hours using this setting). The next is White, this is the medium setting, the jacket warms to a comfortable 45Âșc (battery lasts for 8 hours). Lastly is Blue, this is the low setting, the jacket stays at 38Âșc (battery lasts for a whopping 12 hours). Clearly, these times change if you use the battery to charge your phone.

I’m not going to lie, but I bloody LOVE this jacket. I went for a walk in Slacey Forest yesterday with my wife and niece and the temperature outside was 6Âșc, with the wind it felt like 2Âșc. Now, my wife does have a lovely warm coat, my niece must try harder. They keep saying the jacket is wasted on me because I’m constantly warm. I couldn’t help but look at them both, they certainly looked a little chilly. I coughed to get their attention, opened the jacket and turned it on to max, the heated panels warmed up in seconds. I had to laugh when I saw the annoyance of disgust on the girl’s faces, priceless, lol.

This Blazewear Traveller jacket will be my go too jacket when I know the weather is cold or windy outside. I will definitely get a lot of use out of this jacket. I will also take it on most of my photography adventures.

Me doing my thing.

I’ll say it again, why this hasn’t been around for years is beyond me. Everyone needs one of these jackets in their lives. If you feel the cold when you’re out exploring then you need to invest in one. You will not be disappointed. Even if you don’t feel the cold like me, it’s a great plus to have this option, just in case.

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Tree-Top Walk, Salcey Forest, Northamptonshire.

Thank you Blazewear for giving me this fantastic opportunity to try out one of your jackets. I now know I need to get one for the wife (perfect for the school run), or I might not see it again 😉 Cheers to staying Toasty & Warm.

Goodbye cold, hello warmth.

Check out Blazewear.Com on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for more info about their range of amazing heated clothing.




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