Hello my name is Sean Byrne, I’m a passionate photographer and social media influencer from the UK. I’m married to my beautiful wife Ria and have 2 gorgeous kids.

I have a passion for taking photos of the great outdoors, wether that’s in the UK or around the world.

I’ve been a photographer for over 3 and a half years now. I’m self taught after becoming addicted to photography on Instagram. Now more than 3 years on I have worked for National Geographic, Davidoff Coolwater,Travel Alberta, The London Helicopter Company, Iceland Air, Swiss Air, Austrian Tourism, and many more. I’ve been interviewed in local newspapers and had my work published in national papers as well as photography magazines.

I’ve also been very fortunate to gain sponsorship from one of the best recreational outdoor clothing stores in the UK, Cotswold Outdoor who supply me with great outdoor clothing and equipment which comes in very handy when I’m out on one of my photographic adventures. I also have a sponsorship with Lucroit who supply me with filters and filter holders. A recent edition are the amazing brand of Manfrotto. These guys help me with the latest tripods and camera bags. A great support for any photographer.

The response has truly been overwhelming as it keeps feeding my passion/addiction for photography.
My main photography passion is landscapes, seascapes and travel. I do from time to time indulge in portraiture. I have been honoured to shoot with some amazing people such as Rita Ora, Rizzle Kicks, Amelia Lilly and not forgetting my kids .

I’m always asked, what inspires me. When I need inspiration I head to the coast as the sound of the ocean recharges my creativity. I can get lost listening to the sound off the ocean as the waves crash against the beach along with the sea wild life which creates beautiful noises in the background.

We all have that special place and the coastline is mine.
I try to capture drama in my landscapes using my passion for clouds as they add so much depth and mood to a landscapes/seascapes. So when its a beautiful clear sunny day, my wife and kids say I’m grumpy ha.
I take my camera wherever I go as I’m always afraid I might miss something. To many times I’ve witnessed a great sunrise/sunset and not had a device to capture it. So now I can’t help but have my trusty Canon tag along.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I hope you enjoy my recent adventures.

May this journey continue …

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